Distribution Expertise since 1982



We have over 20,000 SQFT of Storage space available at the heart of the city along with additional storage in the suburbs. All our infrastructure is Self Owned.

Storage Practice


We maintain cleaning record of mopping, sweeping &web removal. Person responsible are very strictly dealt with. We have provided vacuum cleaner for doing the cleaning jobs effectively.  The products are stored with proper Gangways away from walls. Fire fighting equipments should be easily assessable. We see that proper ventilation or exhaust fan is in the warehouse. We regularly record temp. of cool room & bottle cooler.

 We keep all the products batch wise and lot wise. We have excellent hygienic toilet & pantry. We never allow eating inside the warehouse. All such stocks are properly kept separate with proper records for destruction. 

Cold Chain Storage

We have Several Walk in Cold storage rooms from 100 sqft to 400sqft.


All our warehouses are equipped with multiple CCTV Cameras .